Nate Haugle - Shovelhead

"I used a stock FXS header from 1977-1980, made a collector, and put a 2.5” inlet, 4” disc Universal Supertrapp (pn: 443-2517) on. This Shovelhead pulls down 90 ft-lbf and 85Hp. It sounds awesome. When someone asks me for the best aftermarket exhaust for their H-D, '2 into 1 SuperTrapp hands down'." Nate Haugle - Shovelhead

Andy Tozer

SuperTrapp Universal Aluminum Racing Series Andy Tozer

Jim Snell - BMW R1200GS

i have installed the slip- on , it was very easy and quick to put on . all hardware was included and made the job easy . it looks great and sounds even better and saves weight too. i will not hesitate to recommend this product to my customers . thanks again . Jim Snell - BMW R1200GS

larry - 2001 Raptor 660

I own a 2001 Raptor 660 powered by a 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 motor. With the super trapp drag pipe I get tons of compliments on the look and sound of the bike. larry - 2001 Raptor 660

Dirt Guzzi

SuperTrapp S/C Universal exhaust. Read the full story on this bike on our Facebook page at Dirt Guzzi

1991 BMW R100R

SuperTrapp's SuperLight Stainless Universal exhaust. Simon Relph - 1991 BMW R100R

9000 miles. geared up from 16 to 17tooth front sprocket. s.t. exhaust. Sounds good, looks good. Blows Harleys off the line and down the hiway. 47 to 53mpg. Montanapersonalized plate KZRIDER. See yall down the road. Dennis Coonfare - 1980kz750LTDT


SuperTrapp SuperLight Stainless Series with 8 discs on a Spyder. Tom Todd - Spyder


Bob - Hoodlum

building a new off road race car, live in australia, have used your products before with great success andrew oliver - class 1 buggy

1906 Model B Straight Dash Oldsmobile

I wish to tell you what a great muffler you produce. I purchased a muffler for my replica of a 1906 Model B Straight Dash Oldsmobile. The engine was too noisy for parades so I looked on the net and purchased one from jacks small engines. The cars' sound level is approx 15-20 decibles lower with the muffler installed. Many thanks.

On our 1st parade we purred like a kitten with the new muffler. Bob Ferry - Louisville, KY - 1906 Model B Straight Dash Oldsmobile

Moto Guzzi Quota

For the muffler, we looked to the American company Supertrapp, and their second generation internal disc series of mufflers. This small diameter muffler has their "quiet core" insert combined with their well known tunable disc system. The body of the muffler is in aluminum, with a stainless steel end cap. It is physically much smaller than the OEM muffler, and significantly lighter.

To read the entire article, visit:

Encore Performance & Fabrication Encore Performance & Fabrication - Moto Guzzi Quota

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000J

What possible exhaust could ever go better with the KZ1000 Vintage Superbike? A Kerker and NO other. Performance and looks all in one! Bob - 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000J

Calles frame

Nouris/Weslake 950ccm in a Calles chopper frame with Supertrappp Glenn Christensen - Nourish/Weslake, Calles frame

Yamaha , Fino

Not thing to comment for My Supertrapp chirakaln chantaratana - Yamaha , Fino

1973 Honda XL 125

I have recently purchased a 1973 Honda XL 125. The bike needed a bit of work but I was willing to put some time into this beautiful machine. To my surprise, the bike had a Universal SuperTrapp exhaust installed. Trust me; it wasn’t the decal on the muffler that gave it away, when I started this bike for the first time, it roared like an angry beast! Such a loud and powerful sound coming from a 125cc on-road off-road motorbike! With all 18 rings onboard, everyone can hear me coming from a mile away! Also, the added performance is wonderful, the low end torque and top end speed really makes this bike a blast to ride! SuperTrapp gave this bike the most unique and beautiful sound I think I have ever heard. Very loud but yet a nice, deep, rich and clear sound. No matter where I ride, everyone turns their heads because the sound SuperTrapp creates is so unique no one is sure what’s coming behind them. But as I pass them, they know without a doubt that I don’t have the stock exhaust from Honda. I’m only 19 and my passion for motorbikes is just starting, but I can guarantee you every bike I will ever own will have a SuperTrapp performance exhaust! God Bless SuperTrapp!!! Justin McRae - Ottawa, Canada Justin McRae - 1973 Honda XL 125

Hi there, I needed a little back pressure and something quieter. After a bit of trial and error, I was able to modify your Universals. These worked well and got me past the sound test. I was a very happy camper. Thank You! Jim Gately - 1969 Triumph Rickman Metisse

2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Hi, guys! After a long search for a suitable aftermarket exhaust system for my Ninja 250R, I wound up empty handed. The available options fell short of what I really wanted, so I decided to build my own duals setup. A pair of SuperTrapp race cans and some lightly modified midpipes, coated with black satin ceramic paint, allowed me to construct a tunable system that is both visually distinctive and performance enhancing. I constantly get compliments on my SuperTrapp-equipped Ninja 250R, and it runs and sounds better than it did right off the showroom floor. I have never seen this application on a Ninja 250R before, so I thought you might be interested in what your products can do for a small-bore sportbike. From a satisfied sportbiker, congratulations on a great product! Tommy - 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

2006 VRSCR

I have worked in the motorcycle business for 25 years and have always relied on SuperTrapp to have some pipe that would work where others options were very limited. Here is an example of just that. A 2.5" Superlight Stainless looking good!! David Lees - 2006 VRSCR

H-D Special

Much passion for the V-Twin. Alessio Corsano - H-D Special

1989 FJ1314

Here is a snap shot of my Nitro injected 1989 FJ1314 street bike. The stainless steel SuperTrapp has been on the bike for 5 years and still looks and performs like new after dozens of 9 second quarter mile runs. The bike develops 160 rwhp without nitros and 200 rwhp with it. I also have the IDS2 pipe on my modified Suzuki DR650. Great pipes! Jeff MacDonald - 1989 FJ1314

1997 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200

I'm extremely satisfied with my SuperTrapp mufflers. I've been running them for about a year now and am happy all the way around: looks, sound, and performance. They gave my bike the 'V8 with glasspacks' sound that I was looking for. The performance factor is amazing. The engine pulls harder in the lower RPM's and my top speed has increased by 11 mph over the SE Slip-Ons that I had before Jeff Miles - 1997 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200

Mr. Schultz, you helped me this past winter with the selection of a universal muffler and then sent me a better clamp for it. The project is done. It's a 1982 Honda XL500R, with disc brake front end and wider rear wheel from an '86 Hon. XR600, set up with street tires as a street-legal supermoto. I had a midpipe bent at Midas to adapt the universal Supertrapp, cut the original rusted muffler off it's inlet pipe, welded the new pipe in it's place, and clamped up the SuperTrapp. It's on the road, all inspected and is a more capable bike than I am rider. Stephen Palley - 1982 Honda XL500R

Suzuki Intruder 1400 customized

After placing one-off exhaust pipes the perfomance was very poor. Then mounted 2:2 SuperTrapp mufflers and the power is beter then ever. I also opened the end-cap, beter deeper sound and torque. maarten elmendorp - Suzuki Intruder 1400 customized

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