Mohammad Daud Khan - Road Star Warrior

Hello, I bought one of your products and installed them on my Road Star Warrior as no one had done this exhaust so far on the forum. I am quite happy with the performance and wanted to share a few pics and video. Appreciate if you can add this to your gallery for other customers. Video - Daud Mohammad Daud Khan - Road Star Warrior

Mr. J Rock - 2004 Yamaha Midnightstar 1700

Equipped with SuperTrapp Universal S/C Standards.
Check out the SuperTrapp Video Forum for a video of this work in progress. Mr. J Rock - 2004 Yamaha Midnightstar 1700

Scott Bowman - Yamaha V-Max

Recently my wife was getting off the back of my Yamaha Vmax with Supertrapps. Well, it's easily seen that her calf was now branded with your logo! (no pun intended). She's not quit used to the dual sided exhaust on this bike yet! Thought you guys might like a good laugh and some free advertising. PS. I love my Supertapp exhaust!!! Scott Bowman - Yamaha V-Max

HyperPete (SuperTrapp Forum Member) - '08 Suzuki M109

There are some 2 into one systems being made with SuperTrapps. I personally LOVE mine! 2008 M109R, McCoy SuperTrapp Universal S/C Elite Slip-On exhaust, BigAir intakes, Power Commander, ATRE. I make 117 HP at the wheel with 110 Torque. (A "happy" dyno had me at 120 HP before I dyno tuned it and picked up 6 HP in the tuning process.) HyperPete (SuperTrapp Forum Member) - '08 Suzuki M109

Kottgen - Yamaha XVS 1100

In my own i change a lot from my bike to make a goed costom bike. Kottgen - Yamaha XVS 1100

2003 Honda VTX 1800C

45,000 miles lots of bling and still looks showroom new. Allen Webb - 2003 Honda VTX 1800C

suzuki m1800 / m109

customized with supertrapps great sound and great looks Dick Lieve - suzuki m1800 / m109

'08 Yamaha Raider

In memory of Indian Larry and Doo Wop music, I wrote "Further Adventures of the BORDERLAND BIKER". I was able to snag a used 2008 Yamaha Raider and opted to put SuperTrapp's 17" Polished S/C Elites on it. The bike is featured on the front cover of the book.

many of the Raider riders I ride with on weekends that saw your slip-on, said they're now sorry they didn't opt for the same for their bike.

It looks great, I haven't had to sacrifice any power and I've have had many, many positive comments from other Warrior/Raider riders...Was at a Yamaha Star Rally...And quite a few people asked if SuperTrapp will ever come out with a slip-on for the Raider/Warrior. Derrel Whitemeyer - '08 Yamaha Raider

VN 1600 Meanstreak

These MeanMothers are just that.........MEAN! Sound is deep and awesome Ron - VN 1600 Meanstreak

2007 Vmax

I get alot of comments on the looks and the growl of my suppertrapp system. KJ Shover - 2007 Vmax

1999 Vmax/2003 Vmax

Nothing in the world sounds better than a Vmax with stage 7 and a kerker full exhaust with 2.5 comp baffle!!! Philip Queen - 1999 Vmax/2003 Vmax

yamaha 1200 vmax

Hello I send you a photo of My vmax 31000 kms models 95 with my fabulous supertrapp, the sonoritée IS great she goes well with the bike, j lives in France has 70 kms of Paris.

Bonjour je vous envoie une photo de Mon vmax 31000 kms modele 95 avec mes fabuleux supertrapp ,la sonoritée EST super elle va bien avec la moto, j habite en France a 70 kms de Paris. Cordialement manu - yamaha 1200 vmax

1998 Vmax 1200 cc V-4

I previously had a pair of Kerker Slip-Ons and bought a bigger 4 into 2 into 1 with a complete baffle. It sounds AWESOME! Thanks SuperTrapp, for making the BEST SOUNDING, BEST LOOKING and POWERHOUSE of an exhaust for the V-Max! Thanks again SuperTrapp! Rich Foreman - 1998 Vmax 1200 cc V-4

I added the Super Trapp to my V&H; Pro-Pipe head pipe and went from 100hp and 117fpt to 107hp and 119fpt GREAT PRODUCT Jay Schulze - Star Motorcycles Road Star Warrior

Yamaha V-Max

Hello!! Now my bike is complete. The sound and performance are fantastic, thanks to SuperTrapp! Soeren Pinzer - Yamaha V-Max

2002 Mean Streak

Hello. I'm not one for glowing testimonials, but the shoe fits here. I recently installed a set of MMs on my Mean Streak and have received nothing but compliments. One guy even asked me if they were custom built! Were it not for the SuperTrapp logo on them, I would have told him yes. The results and looks the bike gets are more than worth it. The improved low-end performance doesn't hurt either. Keep up the good work. Will Fessenden - 2002 Mean Streak

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