Anne & Jim Burnett

"Thanks again for your and your guys help. The exhaust change has had all positive comments and the sound is mechanical music. I will certainly send you some better pics and a video so y'all can hear what she sounds like. Would definitely like to see the car on your website for many reasons." Anne & Jim Burnett

Zen Pro Racing - Baja racer prototype

Our team has developed a new prototype racer and has been classified as an ATV due to its smaller engine displacement. Currently we run 2 each 3M Supertrapps and during our initial test results in unforgiving terrain in Baja, the 3M's performed beyond expectations. Our engine breathes astoundingly with ease and performance has increased ten fold versus stock exhaust system. We are getting ready to replace the 3M's with the higher performance IDS2's and cant wait to field test the new pairs on our prototype prior to the upcoming SCORE Baja race series. more to come...stay tuned! For more info about our race team, please visit Thank you SUPERTRAPP for all your support...see you at the Podium! Zen Pro Racing - Baja racer prototype

Nick Holden

I have purchased a 5'' UNIVERSAL 19'', 3.0'' ID, BRUSHED SS Supertrapp exhaust system with an additional set of 12 disks. I purchased the Supertrapp system because it allowed me to tune the noise down on race circuits that had a quieter noise policy - but free up more power at circuits that allowed more noise. Nick Holden

Jerrod Jones - Dodge Ram

My name is Jerrod Jones, and I’m the editor of Off-Road magazine. I’ve actually been running Supertrapp mufflers on my Dodge since I was 19 years old, and actually still have an old polished one on the truck now. Jerrod Jones - Dodge Ram

Mike - LoCost ss7

Friend turned me on to the supertrapps, and they not only provided a cool look, but the performance and sound are great Mike - LoCost ss7

1988 gmc 4x4

i have a 88 gmc 4x4 ,454,th400,(rachet shifter), short exhaust with the supertraps and the truck sounds awesome,lots of head turning rob kaspar - 1988 gmc 4x4

Toyota Spyder

SuperTrapps! Joel Geisinger - Toyota Spyder

Canton Autorama

Here's a pic of one of the cars I saw @ the Canton Autorama with your mufflers on it. Eric C Winbigler


Orange County / San Diego Brian Johnson - Ranger

1970 Dodge Challenger

This newly constructed Mopar features SuperTrapp Spark Arrestors on this resto-modified Trans American model. SuperTrapp Exhausts permits this Challenger “Show and Go” machine to be legal for street application. Dropping the roar of it’s 572 cube HEMI engine from 136 decibels (at idle) down to a manageable level. Tom Bush - Winnebago, WI - 1970 Dodge Challenger


SuperTrapps: brushed stainless with 12 disks on my 300zx. Chase Kirk - 300zx

’72 Chevy LUV

’72 Chevy LUV with 383 stroker motor about 500 HP (stupid fast!) and SuperTrapp 5” SC Elites (Part # 546-3019). JW - ’72 Chevy LUV

I used the supertrapp universals pipes. On mine CHEVY located in rear end . A pair of tough. Supertrapp pipes. Make a cool noise. Felipe Martin del Campo. - Chevy Stepside 1978. High performance.


My Dad had a set of Supertrapps on his Corvette. I bought the car from him back in February of 2007, and they're still going strong after 15+ years. And just like Dad's truck, I get more questions about the exhaust than anything else. Anyway, here's a pic for you. Scott Massengill - Corvette

Mustang Concept Car

The Supertraps I'm using sound incredible and look good.They are 5" OD w/3.5" disks and about 12" long. I'm building two more cars just like this , one with a 2V 4.6 and the other one with a 500HP GT 500 motor. Dave Haymond - Mustang Concept Car

86 Chevy 4x4

I have supertrapps on my 4x4 and they have the greatest sound really makes it a real head turner Bill Hankinson - 86 Chevy 4x4

1999 Ford Contour SVT

After 2 years I found the perfect exhaust for my subtle grocery getter. A pair of Supertrapps on a true dual exhaust system. They sound awesome, attrct positive attention everywhere and look totally unique. Mark - 1999 Ford Contour SVT

2006 Nissan Titan

I have used Supertrapp on every truck I own from race cars to tow rigs. I love the adjustability and sound control. Plus, not everyone has them, so you stand out!!! Chris Roberts - 2006 Nissan Titan

Grinnall Scorpion

An oversight in shipping left me with no silencer to complete my Grinnall Scorpion three-wheeler from the UK. I quickly researched the available silencers that would fit its BMW 1100cc engine. Some other Scorpion owners had complained that the noise level from the original equipment exhaust system made long distance touring really uncomfortable and I really liked the idea of having some adjustability that was not offered on the stock pipe. I knew from past experience that acceptable noise levels are so subjective. The lack of the factory muffler has been a real blessing as the SuperTrapp Superlight Stainless I purchased actually has better appearance and adjustability that I would not have had with the factory silencer. This is my second SuperTrapp silencer and certainly won’t be my last. It just makes life so much easier to tune my vehicles to the sound level I desire… Richard Lewis - Grinnall Scorpion

1979 Trans Am

The Fact that i can tune them to how i like is awsome. Not to mention they look cool hidden underneath the car. Ryan - 1979 Trans Am

Custom built Jeep CJ

Here is a pic of my CJ that I built using SuperTrapp mufflers. I tried 4 different brands and the SuperTrapps sounded and performed the best. Their slick styling also allowed for good ground clearence. Dick T. - Custom built Jeep CJ


These 'Trapps rock! Vangbo


I would best describe the sound of my SuperTrapp's as a rich deep mellow tone. The sound emitted out of the SuperTrapps more or less lets people know that there is a little something lurking under the hood. I am sold on the fact that I can dial in my engines peak performance by having the ability to add or reduce muffler baffle plates. And last, but not least is the cool look of the SuperTrapps themselves. Please understand, this is not a show vehicle but it is my everyday work truck, I depend on it to get me to work everyday-including wintertime. Yes I do use it to haul lumber, Etc. Tom Bernot

BMW 318i E36

The sound..... ahhh! Lars Wrik Martinsen - BMW 318i E36

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