Jamie Fowlow - 2008 Dyna

Aiming to give a nod to the old XR1000’s for my ’08 Dyna the folks at SuperTrapp helped me source a Sportster 2 into 2 XR Style Exhaust and two additional headers. Many hours of hand cutting and filing later the four chopped up headers became two. I fabricated some brackets that worked with the stock exhaust mounts and had the whole system done in matte black heat ceramic from the original stainless. I’m bias but I think it looks great and sounds awesome. Jamie Fowlow - 2008 Dyna

Randy Wilburn - 2011 Harley Davidson SuperLow

I have had the 2:1 Supertrapp on my bike for about 6 months now. I get a lot of comments when I stop for fuel, and I like the growl it has, no other sound like it. Plus there is a noticeable increase in the quickness. Thanks for doing what you do. Randy Wilburn - 2011 Harley Davidson SuperLow

Darek Papińczak Poland - Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Evo 1340

Witam...mam prośbę czy możecie zmienić zdjęcie mojego HD w Waszej galerii na nowe ? Na nowym zdjęciu Wasze tłumiki są lepiej widoczne i zdjęcie jest ładniejsze. Z góry dziękuję i pozdrawiam :) Power Choppers Poland , SuperTrapp 3" Internal Disc Series 2:2 Ania - Darek - H-D FLSTC 1996 Heritage Softail Classic Evo 1340 Darek Papińczak Poland - Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Evo 1340

Jim Jansen - 120R Dyna Superglide w/Supertrapp 20 Discs

Wow!!! ...135 hp, 129 ft-lbs at 5800 RPM with 20 discs and a closed end cap on the Super Meg!!!! ... and the hp curve was still climbing! You guys make a great product and support it...very refreshing in this modern era of self-help only with many vendors! Thanks!" - Jim Jim Jansen - 120R Dyna Superglide w/Supertrapp 20 Discs

M Blake - 1939 Indian Bobber

We built this 1939 57inch stroked scout a few years ago. When considering an exhaust my first thought was dual supertrapps. I called supertrapp and the salesman steered me to the universal dirt bike style. They make the bike sound and look better than most vintage bikes. Always get compliments on this set up. M Blake - 1939 Indian Bobber

Carl Hammond - ZRC 1100 C Eddie Lawson Replica

I have a zrx 1100 c that i am restoring. i am trying to reproduce an eddie lawson rep. Carl Hammond - ZRC 1100 C Eddie Lawson Replica

Softail Blackline

My customized Blackline w/ wrapped black Kerker supermegs.. Love the look and that "Roar sound"... Cheers from Mexico!! Eduardo Limon - Softail Blackline

2012 Road Glide Ultra

My 2012 Road Glide Ultra w/ Supertrapp 4" Stouts. Just got it back from paint! Michael Elliot - 2012 Road Glide Ultra


I purchased my bike with the stock exhaust installed. The performance was lame. When I went to the full system Mean mothers Drag Pipes, the difference was night and day. My bike now passes cagers on the highway without downshifting. The sound is unbelievable. Deep and thunderous is the best description I can give. I can’t believe the difference with the Mean Mothers Drag Pipes. The sound I wanted and the performance I needed. Now all I need are sticky tires for quicker starts.

Additional upgrades: JayBrake 1.25" Chrome Factor Pegs Rider And Passenger

Legend Air Suspension Model D1-C Jim Bob - 2011 SUPER GLIDE CUSTOM FXDC

Thunder Mountain

As you can see the pipe looks great on the scooter! Kerker header with SuperTrapp Megaphone. It bolted right on with no issues Thanks to all for a job well done. Richard Blackmon - Thunder Mountain

2006 - 1200

Turned my 1200 R into a spoked wheeled XR - knee dragger. Sounds great and super fun! Greg Hall - 2006 - 1200

H-D FLSTC 1996 Heritage Softail Classic Evo 1340

Power Choppers Poland , SuperTrapp 3" Internal Disc Series 2:2 Ania - Darek - H-D FLSTC 1996 Heritage Softail Classic Evo 1340

2000 Indian Chief

Chuck Nauman teamed up a SuperTrapp 2:1 Silent Series exhaust to his beautifully upgraded 2000 Indian Chief. He modified a fishtail end-cap to be used and swapped to a “performance” core to allow the 117” S&S; to breathe easier. Chuck Nauman - 2000 Indian Chief

2011 Road Glide

Black SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMeg Jeff Dobie - 2011 Road Glide

Harley Davidson Sportster 48

Stage1 with Supertrapp Supermeg, 16 discs on my Harley Davidson Forty Eight, the best exhaust experience for years! Guillaume - Harley Davidson Sportster 48


Everybody loves my new SuperTrapp 2:1 Silent Series Exhaust here in Brazil, especially my neighborhood. Thank you so much! Paschoal Neto - Softail

Had the 4 inch Kerker Stouts installed on my 2011 CVO Streetglide this past weekend. What a pipe! I researched pipes for weeks. None that I have seen are better than these. The fit and finish is beautiful and the sound is awsome. It was the first pair of these that the dealer had installed and they were excited about them. Eugene F. Roesser Jr. - 2011 CVO Streetglide

Heritage Softail

Thanks, I received everything on Thursday and I completed the installation late that night. I removed the old head pipe and the new pipe snapped in place with very little effort. The funny thing is after I trial fitted the pipe I then replaced the exhaust gaskets. When I tried to fit the new pipe it would not go into place and about 1/2" off. I actually had to tighten the fron head pipe bolts to compress the gasket enough to force the rear into the cylinder and that was difficult. In the end the thikness of the new gaskets were causing the fitement problems. Again, I really appreciate all of your help with my exhaust system. I'll be a customer for life. Ed Wilkowski - Heritage Softail

2009 H-D Ultra Classic

I've been out riding the weels off my new SuperTrapps! Our H.O.G. club newsletter featured your slip-ons. Thanks again for supporting our local H.O.G. club! I will certainly tell my club members how much i love the slip-ons and how great the customer service is at SuperTrapp! Rev. Jim - 2009 H-D Ultra Classic


Got the exhaust on ! looks great. I put all 12 disks in, and I am using a race cap. It is still much more quiet than my other pipes. My neighbors thank you. Alan Kohler - Sportster


Just wanted to say thanks again !! Its good to be a part of the Supertrapp family again. Here are a couple of pictures that I shot this afternoon. I am very pleased with the performance and love the tone of the new Stout slip-ons. Ed Giesing - Bagger

2003 Sportster w/ English Sidecar

I wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying my SuperTrapp since 2003. I have a Sportster with an English sidecar built by Texas Side Cars. The exhaust is a 2-into-1 with the 4” SuperTrapp. I added an 02 sensor in each pipe going to a K&N; Air Fuel Monitor. I set the 16 discs to display 14.7 ratio. The midrange jet set to 48 from 42. The result is 0 – 60 mph in 4 seconds. I call it my Café racer sidecar rig. Lyle Tisdel - 2003 Sportster w/ English Sidecar

Bagger w/ SE Series Slip-Ons

Been home for about a week now. It's good to be home. One of the first things I did was put that exhaust on. Andy Weisal - Bagger w/ SE Series Slip-Ons

2009 softail ROCKER w/ Side Swipes

JUST GOT UR PIPES!!! AII I CAN SAY IS SWEET....THANKS. j.f. - 2009 softail ROCKER w/ Side Swipes

harley cross bones

its have a super sound and looks good ton de regt - harley cross bones

'82 FXE Shovelhead

I looked for two years for an exhaust system for my new 93 inch s&s; shovel. No more drag pipes. I am glad I waited long enough to find this pipe. The pipe looks good,sounds better and makes the bike work perfect. Gary Bird - '82 FXE Shovelhead

Street Glide

Night and day difference. I really do like the fit,color,SOUND! KJ - Street Glide

1994 fxrp

just finished 1994 fxrp- with a FEW mods. !!!!!!! and as always supertrapp !!!! rocks John Linson - 1994 fxrp

2003 H-D XL883

You very graciously posted photos of your 2:2 “XR Style” system as installed on my 2003 H-D XL883. I just finished doing a “makeover” on her and thought I would submit updated photos. To refresh your memory… Initially you helped me with an inquiry and sale of a repack kit for the system. It sounds even better now! Thanks again for a great product and above-and-beyond service! Donald Joseph Saberniak - 2003 H-D XL883

2001 Harley FXDX

Had V&H;,Rineharts,and a few other pipes on the bike over the years... With the Supermeg,i now know the difference between a exhaust pipe and a exhaust system.. Chuck Cimino - 2001 Harley FXDX


Looks great, sounds great, fantastic service! Roland Schleicher - 1991 HD FXSTC

Screaming Eagle Fat boy CVO

And this is my third bike with a SuperTrapp system and again the Fat Shots. (see other galleries) Why? Best quality for the money. Tuning in sound and power at your own taste. I have adjustable endaps, great sound and if needed less sound. For me...always SuperTrapp. Greetings from the Netherlands, Europe Maarten Elmendorp - Screaming Eagle Fat boy CVO

I just wanted to say that I am a very proud owner of your Supertrapp Supermeg 2:1 system for the Harley Davidson Sportster, and that I love your product. My performance has noticeably improved and I can tell that my engine is running smoother and better. + the pipes just look gorgeous! There is also a video so you can add it to your forum. Anyway, thanks again for making a superb product and keep up the good work! Best regards from Belgium, Wim

Click here to see Wim's video. Wim Behaeghe - H-D XL1200N Nightster

'08 Electra Glide Classic

This is Johnny Thomas and I had the pleasure of meeting you in Rapid City during the 2010 Sturgis bike rally. One of my many trip highlights was buying and having you install the 2-1 SuperTrapp pipe on my 2008 Electra Glide Classic. What a HUGE difference it made on the second half of my trip!!! You replaced my Rinehart True-Duels that I loved, but the performance just wasn't there. Their good pipes with great sound, but I always noticed subpar performance, especially when compared to Kirk, my Harley buddy with the same motor and 2-1 SuperTrapp. When riding through the mountainous and windy western states my bike seemed to be struggling and was non-responsive. But after getting the 2-1 SuperTrapp installed, my bike had NO PROBLEM cutting through the wind and climbing those mountainous grades. I am truly a believer in the SuperTrapp product and I've been spreading the news every chance I get!!! Thanks so much for providing me with a phenomenal product!!! Your New SuperTrapp Believer, Johnny Thomas Johnny Thomas - '08 Electra Glide Classic

2010 Sporster

Picked up these pipes brand new at a rally for a hundred bucks. Didn't even know what they looked like at the time. Just figured you can't beat 100 dollars for some new pipes. Threw them on the next weekend and love the sound and that they are such a different looking set of pipes. Steven - 2010 Sporster


My 88 inch carb EVO idles, cranks, and scoots. The db levels are awesome and people turn their heads when I cruise by.....knowing this bike is not just a looker, but a runner! I am legal and fast and the high revving freedom translates to a performance whine that gets the power to the ground. HHHighly recommended! Ed Stull - 2009 HD FXDWG

chrome quality

I really like the sensuous flow of the pipes, and the chrome quality speaks for itself. Scott Neeley

1982 FLH

I have a 4" Universal I adapted to a stock two into one with a 1 7/8 drag pipe extension to your 2" inlet muffler on my 1982 FLH with a healthy motor and it works really well!! I recently won the 80" Shovelhead class at the local IronHorseman drags!!!!!! John Miller - 1982 FLH


Here's a pic of my bike with the pipes on. Hope you enjoy my li'l beasty 883R with a 90" engine modification. Now all I need is to find a nice brass springer front n the seat I'm makin from brown leather.

Ben Frerichs was the winner of our SuperTrapp Exhaust Giveaway at this year's J&P; Cycles Open House. He chose our Road Legends X Pipes. Nice work, Ben! Ben Frerichs - 883R

2006 Big Dog Mastiff

Here's my Big Dog with your Mean Mothers on them. I think the project turned out great! Thank you again Bruce Hoover - 2006 Big Dog Mastiff

Mean Mothers

Hi, I got my Mean Mothers thru Cool Springs Harley Davidson Nashville and at long long last I have the RIGHT SOUND!! Took me 4 sets of pipes to get it right...Love them. ......Do you sell T shirts? I do have the patch "Loud pipes save lives" on my jacket.... Cheers! Bob Urban - Sunshine Coast - Queensland. Australia Bob Urban


Just thought I would drop you guys a line and say that I love my new pipes! They sound great and I think they look great on my Rocker. Everyone that sees them says they flow well with the bike. I agree! Thank you for making a great product. Steven Turner - Rocker

S/C mufflers

It has the 17” long S/C mufflers and the 2 into 1 into 2 conversion. From the photos you can see the reason I needed such short mufflers. The rear lights are inside what looks like exhaust pipes. Again I’d like to thank you for all the valuable assistance by you allowing this project to come to fruition. Brad Thrash

Harley-Davidson Fatboy

Hello, I`m very happy with my 2:2 Crossover System. Thanks a lot from Austria. Haslhofer Werner - Harley-Davidson Fatboy


We found this beauty at the 2010 L.A. Calendar Motorcycle Show. Check out the Paul Yaffe-designed, Road Legends Phantom Pipe. Gorgeous! Que Paso? - Dresser

2010 Harley FLHXXX Street Glide Trike

As soon as I purchased my Trike I had the stage 1 Sreaming Eagle Air system and the Sreaming Eagle SUPERTRAPP exhaust installed. Boy this is the way to GO. Good day BOBmc Robert J McCarthy - 2010 Harley FLHXXX Street Glide Trike

Dyna Super Glide

La mia Harley,con scarichi Megaphone 2/2 Michele - Dyna Super Glide

2010 Road Glide

My package arrived Fri, I just now got around to installing all the discs plus the open end cap on the Nightstick and I can honestly say I love the sound! I had to do a little fuel mapping changes which took just a little laptop time to richen the bike up a bit.

Great sound coming out of the 2010 Road Glide, stock head pipe now, thanks for great service and a great product. Todd - 2010 Road Glide


The Fatboy looks great! Runs even better! Thanks a million! Jim Matchette - FatBoy

2003 XL883

I discovered” Supertrapp when I was a local radio personality in Springfield, Illinois in the 80’s/90’s. Twice a year “the guys” racing at “The Mile” would appear as guests on my show and they would invite me as their guest to their pits. It’s there I first saw a Supertrapp system and knew that when I could finally have an H-D of my own, it would have one, too. Donald Joseph Saberniak Jr. - 2003 XL883

harley davidson street bob 1450

Vi presento la mia "Perla Nera" Berry - harley davidson street bob 1450

1988 fxrp

long live SUPER TRAPP ! your exhaust is what brings this bike alive !!! And makes me want to ride it like i just stole it !!! SUPER TRAPP is in a class all alone. steve brankin - 1988 fxrp

200? Buellster Custom Sportbike

C&J; flat track frame with 88 inch sportster stage 3 motor over 115 hp. buell front and back end from cyclone. storz tank and seat and fiberglass back shell. baker 6-speed. sportster S gas rear shocks. frame german racing silver powder coat. oil in the frame. lots of custom engineering little bits for this one. billy and I did it. S&S; B carb. very torquey, very light, short wheelbase, very fast, a little dangerous... ralph fife - 200? Buellster Custom Sportbike

'76 FXE

I give you Zakkenstein! Walter Hartman - '76 FXE

Derek Roast - UK

SuperTrapp X Pipes Derek Roast - UK

2006 night train

2006 nighttrain X-pipes Marzocchi inverted front end Carlini "Lowdown" Bars Ridewright 18x4.25 front rim Heartland rear fender Legends Air-ride Suspension These pipes complete the look of my bike. They were made for the nighttrain dublinmatty - 2006 night train

Korean HOG Gathering

Underneath it all, those are SuperTrapps! In Dokko - Korean HOG Gathering at Mangsang Beach

Korean HOG Gathering

This event took place about 160 miles from Seoul In Dokko - Korean HOG Gathering at Mangsang Beach

2009 Flame Blue Pearl FLHTCUI

I would like to go no record and say that SuperTrapp offers the public, the finest made, if not the best sounding, exhausts on the market today. I have put SuperTrapp systems many of my motorcycles and all have performed above my expectations (in power, sound & appearance).

At our shop, (using our WinJet Dynometer 250 for initial runs and final tuning), we have installed several 2:1 systems and have found phenomenal rear wheel horse power increases. Nine to ten HONEST horsepower are common without any tuning!!

One of our Service Advisors told me yesterday, he's happy to see that once again, SuperTrapp and Harley-Davidson, are offering, to their customers several choices of great looking, and competitively priced (not to mention AWESOME sounding!) exhausts.

As you probably well know, these exhausts systems can readily be found the 2010 Screamin' Eagle Catalog.

We look forward to a lasting relationship and a brighter future using the SuperTrapp products offered for the Harley-Davidson family of motorcycles!!

In closing, a big THANK YOU, to you Gina..........for all your patience and understanding, and additionally, for the support from every individual concerned, at SuperTrapp Industries..... who make dreams......a reality.

Craig Durrell Operations Manager Lakeland Harley-Davidson/Buell Lakeland, FL 33805 (863)802-1971 FAX (863) 802-3455 Craig Durrell - 2009 Flame Blue Pearl FLHTCUI

'97 Ultra

Here's my '97 Ultra with your Evo true-duals, Kerker slip-ons and turn-out end caps installed. They helped my Stage 1 upgrade look and sound great. Thanks for asking me to submit a photo and for your enthusiasm and customer contact. John Kohler - '97 Ultra


Supertrapps seem to be the preferred slip ons for the XR. Not surprising considering Supertrapp's connection to AMA flattrack racing and the flattrack heritage of the XR1200. Tom McGoogan - XR1200


My V-Rod with SuperTrapp V-5 2:1. That is not me in the background. haha - Heino Heino - V-Rod

TMC Harley

Here's a pic of the TMC Harley. Has the 2 into 1 SuperTrapp on it. TMC bike is a Firestone pro street model, 2008, all Harley, 110cu in motor, app 105hp,, 280 rear tire, Baker right side belt drive, 6 speed trans, paint is Mahognany tribal, silver accent, a selling point on these bikes is that not one is duplicated,, cool , right on,, have added mustache engine bars, extra rear seat an bag kit, 55 watt runnin light on front bar, plenty of chrome on bike stock. Does good! Doug Manley - TMC Harley

We at NewRoc Harley-Davidson, in New Rochelle, New York, do a significant amount of motorcycle customization. What is important to keep in mind, however, is that not everyone wants a $30,000 or $40,000 motorcycle, some just want a few "touches" to make the bike their own, or just to make it sound or perform better.

NewRoc frequently turns to SuperTrapp for exhaust systems. We find that the quality, value, and sound is what our customers are after, and SuperTrapp fills the bill! This Electra-Glide Standard (FLHT) is a perfect example of "minimal" customization, with just the windshild replaced with a Klockwerks screen, and the SuperTrapp exhaust with Holy Moly endcaps. These two small changes give the bike a "meaner" look and sound, and still leave the bike ready for more personalization, like a custom stereo, chrome, or black accents.

We appreciate the partnership and fantastic working relationship we have with SuperTrapp, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Thanks, Jack Jack Meskunas - NewRoc Harley-Davidson Dealership


I’ve had some time to put some miles on my bike, a 2006 FLHXI, since installing doing some upgrades and I must say, I’m very pleased with the performance results.

I’ve built a real good touring motor based on a build by Joe Minton in an old American Iron Magazine issue. I travel with my bike and need to impress only myself so low end and midrange torque were my priorities.

My build consists of:

Wiseco 9:1 flat top 95” pistons and gasket kit Andrews TW21G gear drive cam set and adjustable pushrods Fueling billet cam plate, oil pump, and lifters Supertrapp 2:1 Supermeg exhaust. Dynojet Power Commander

The bike runs amazingly well and I find this to be a great combination. It pulls strong from idle right on up to the rev limiter (a mild 5500 RPM) and delivers 40MPG while running all day at 70-80 MPH. I can get over 40 MPG if I pay attention to the speed limit signs.

Thank you for the great products that have truly enhanced the enjoyment I get from my bike.

Dwight Covell N.E. Regional Sales Manager DRAG Specialties Dwight Covell - 2006 FLHXI

i,ve changed from screeming eagle duals to a two into one supertrapp with torque cones and heat wrapped my down pipes frome the flange to the muffler and put a off road end plate with the hole in the ceter and the power jump was incredable well worth the time and the money i would highly recomend this bolt on! tim scholte - 1992 harleydavidson fxrsp

Rocker with Mean Mothers Side Swipes

All we need is a "warm" day...how about it! Behold the Rocker, fresh from the Winter Spa... Many Thanks (and bucks) to Paul, Richard and the other fine folks @ Pierce H-D in DeKalb! Harley Rocker Dude - Rocker with Mean Mothers Side Swipes

2009 H-D Night Rod Special

Recently purchased a set of SuperTrapp Fat Shots for my 2009 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special. Love the appearance and performance of these slip-ons. Also appreciate the tuning information that was included with the installation instructions. This was very helpful and allowed me to enlighten others on what the manufacture recommends for optimum performance. I assure you there are many opinions on this issue. Charles Beauchamp - 2009 H-D Night Rod Special

'06 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

I have a set of SuperTrapp Super Elite slip-ons installed on my 2006 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic. These are also great mufflers and the performance is excellent.

I have been riding for over 40 years and appreciate your dedication to high quality mufflers. It is obvious that a considerable amount of R&D; and associated testing is conducted on all your products. Charles Beauchamp - '06 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic


great pipes,work excellent,look cool,win races!!! Terry Eva - XR1200

2007 Night Train

Here's my 2007 Night Train with the Mean Mothers II. I love the pipes. They have a very deep, distinct sound. Love the way they look on the bike. While I was trying to make my decision on which pipes to buy, I heard many other brands, but none compare to SuperTrapp!! I have owned 3 sets of SuperTrapp and will never own another brand!! Thank you very much for the outstanding products!! Frankie Pagan - Lorain, Ohio Frankie Pagan - 2007 Night Train

1984 harley davidson XR1000

One of 500 made in 1983-84. The xr1000 is a combination of the xr750 racing engine and a sportster. This combination helped Harley Davidson win a number of the "battle of the twins" class championships. The engine was also the power plant used in “Lucifer’s hammer” racing bike, and the first Buell put into production. The xr1000 was the fastest production Harley made until the release of the V-rod. This bike has a WKR engine and one of the small number of full supertrapp systems made for the bike. You may also note that the system is on the left side of the bike and not on the right side like standard Harley engines. This is due to the xr750 heads on the engine. I also won the AMI horsepower shoot out in 92 with the same bike for the1000cc twins with your tips welded to the stock megaphones. Mike Barber - 1984 harley davidson XR1000


Dear Supertrapp: thanks for yet another great pipe. I've had your products on several different bikes, and have always found them to be of the highest quality. Your SuperMegs 2 into 1 pipe looks great and sounds great on my Sportster. And of course it performs great too. Steve Young, Union City CA - Sportster

V-Rod Custom

I am Heino fr germany !! I drive a custmised V - Rod. as you can see , I run a nice 5" supertrapp exhaust !! BRGDS Heino^ it's NOT me in the background !!! Heino - V-Rod Custom

2009 Harley-Davidson Ultra

To Me the SuperMeg on my 2009 Ultra performs like no other pipe on the market.It sounds deep yet is not by any standards loud.I added the ST 2 into 1 with a free flow air cleaner to my stock bike.The bike runs cooler.Power is awesome.Gas milege has improved & No decel pop,no coughing.........PLUS:No dyno tune or add on tuners required. Thanks Supertrapp. Regards,Tom Tom - 2009 Harley-Davidson Ultra

2008 Nightrod Special

Black Fatshots were the very first custom part on my new bike. They sound and look great. Paul - 2008 Nightrod Special

Night rod special

fatshots are awesome look great on bike sounds pretty good too. Jake Jaslarz - Night rod special

Harley-Davidson Sportster Street Tracker '02


I have bought my bike last year. It had only 9.000 miles, but full with problems. Now problems are over, and I changed the exhaust system to supertrapp - unbeliveable ... Thanks!!! György András - Harley davidson electra glide

2002 EG Classic

Just installed the Supermeg 2:1 Black. Love the pipe and performance. Easy to install also. Robert N Weber - 2002 EG Classic

2006 FXDBI

I wanted something different, and SuperTrapp had the perfect match for my bike. Steve - 2006 FXDBI

Just the right sound for austria !!! And it looks great !!! Haslhofer Werner - H-D Fat Boy with IDS and Fishtail End Cap

My wife and I used to enjoy traveling on my 1984 Gold Wing. I always had Japanese bikes and one day decided to get rid of the Gold Wing. Seventeen years had passed and not knowing much about Harley-Davidsons, believe it or not, I sprung for an '06 H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic. A buddy of mine knew how much we enjoyed the Gold Wing and suggested I try the Electra Glide, so that's just what I did. I noticed that Harley-Davidson riders liked to almost always do something different to their bike. That's when I, a new Harley owner, took the same approach. After reading the Shootout article in Hot Bike Baggers, I was completely sold on SuperTrapp's SE Series Slip-Ons. Then I came to find out they're availalbe with the SuperPak. It was almost too good to be true. I could eliminate re-mapping and purchasing a seperate fuel management system and have my SE Series Slip-Ons. I was sold! I would recommend the SuperPak to everyone. SuperTrapp made it easy to install, saved me time which in turn, allowed me more time to do what I love most - RIDE! SuperPak literally gave me a new motorcycle. I didn't know how much I had and what my bike could do until I installed SuperPak. Neil of Attala, AL - H-D Electra Glide Ultra Classic '06

2008 Custom Hardtail

here is a bike that i am currently building. it is a one of a kind, hand made machine. everything is either polished aluminum or polished stainless steel. no extras. no tassles. straight business. 85% completed. i use supertrapp polished 2 into 1 pipes. THEY ARE THE BEST! El Enano Guapo. The Handsome Midget. enjoy........ Shane Odum - 2008 Custom Hardtail

2002 custom Fatboy

Put a phatom pipe on my fatboy The look of the pipe went well with the design of the bike And the sound is unreal !!! Bob - 2002 custom Fatboy

Work for Harley dealer in Fullerton, Ca. A friend has a set of SUPER TRAPPS on hIs FLHTC and loves their sound and performance. When I bought my new FL I could not decide what exhaust to put on the bike. After a solid year of looking, listening, and researching I chose the black SUPER TRAPP SuperMeg 2:1. They are PERFECT in style, look, and being tuneable, in sound as well. JOE THORNTON - FLHP

2007 Road Glide

Hey SuperTrapp! Here's a pic of the Kerker black 2:1 I won at your Sturgis 2007 Free Exhaust Giveaway. I couldn't be happier! Thanks again for these great looking pipes! Jim Vaughn - Reno, NV - 2007 Road Glide

Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer 2003

Only one legend to ride after I sold my Road King 2000. I was looking for something that suit me best overall. Springer was the answer due to its weight, shape and cool look. She has on the turn out Kerker. Chris - Harley-Davidson Heritage Springer 2003

2006 Big Dog K-9

My story is just that my Mean Mother pipes sound 100 times better than the stock ones. Tom Snyder - 2006 Big Dog K-9


This is my second bike with a SuperTrapp exhaust system. (My other one is posted in the Universals section.) This is my H-D with SuperTrapp FatShots 2:2. Maarten Elmendorp - Harley


I got the pipes in a week ago! Thank you! I just put them on this weekend. They rock....sounds and looks great! Thanks again! Peter Koop - FLH

We at NewRoc Harley-Davidson do a significant amount of customization to stock Harleys for our customers, and for the showroom floor to create visual excitement and interest in the bikes. We picked the Supertrapp X-Pipes for our Dyna and Softail buildups for several reasons, not only do they look great, they come in silver, black and chrome, and they give the customer the quality and quantity of exhaust note sound they are looking for. These bikes were built by our Master of Technology John Grindrod for showroom display and retail, and are currently available at NewRoc Harley Davidson, New Rochelle, NY 914-632-6743 or www.nrhd.com for more information. NewRoc Harley-Davidson - Dyna & Softail

1989 Harley Davidson XL Sportster

How do you like my StreetFighter named the SHAWster? Love the performance, love the sound. Danny Shaw - 1989 Harley Davidson XL Sportster


SuperTrapp Industries (www.SuperTrapp.com) was asked by Parts Canada if there was interest in donating a performance exhaust for a very special bike being built by Canadian dealership, Harley-Davidson of Barrie for a remarkable soldier. SuperTrapp provided a Megaphone Series exhaust for a custom built Sportster. Master Cpl. Jody Mitic lost his feet after he stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan three months ago while he was on patrol in the middle of the night with three fellow snipers from the Petawawa-based 1st Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment. One big question kept milling around in his military mind: "How am I ever going to ride again?" That problem was solved when he was presented with a custom built bike on April 14, 2007. The Harley staff raised enough to put together a $50,000 custom bike with a hand-shift and hand brake that worked both the rear and front brakes so that Mitic wouldn't need his feet. To view the video of the bike presentation to Mittic, click HERE. Jody Mittic - Custom

04 hertitage

Love the different tunes it plays. robert - 04 hertitage

2007 Night Rod Special

Beautiful Low Rumble of the exhaust now matches the looks and performance of the bike. ED ALBRECHT - 2007 Night Rod Special

2003 Harley Davidson VROD

Took the stock pipes off and put on the 2 into 1 Supertrapps. Bumped my hp up 118 rwhp and they sound sweet !!! Look great too.. Lenny Fohrer - 2003 Harley Davidson VROD


95 RoadKing, 124S&S;, 2-1 SuperTrapp enough said 142HP & 148 TQ and she flies!!!!!!!! Her name is SYBIL - SYBIL

'01 Softtail

I just love the SuperTrapp Mean Mothers. I use to race sport bikes and had the SuperTrapp on my 1100 gsxr, and when I saw these Mean Mothers, I just had to have them. Mike Foster - '01 Softtail

Tough looks and serious performance, is my description of your V-5 Supertrapp. After after having pipes that were either too quiet or too loud, it was nice to find something I could tune to my liking. Thanks for developing/selling quality products that an owner can be proud to show off. Chris Adkins - 2006 Harley Night Rod (V-Rod)

I am completely satisfied with my 2 into 1 exhaust for my 06 sporster. Coupled with my high flow intake my 06 sporster has sparked my need for performance. I was worried about the noise but it is perfect. It looks great and installation was easy. Furthermore, I am excited to purchase a product of this caliber from a Cleveland based company. Keep up the good work. Robert - Massillon, OH - 2006 Sportster

Started as a deluxe model. When I found out they where going out of business I bought items to make into a road master. 100 cubic in power plus Indian engine. original muffler I purchased got a crack in it. I called around and could not find a muffler until I called SuperTrapp and they stepped up to the plate for me. Muffler sounds and looks great

Thank you for your help! Charles Marvin - 2000 Indian Chief

2006 FLHTI

I had V&H; True-Dual header-pipes with Screamin' Eagle Pro Performance mufflers (P/N 65115-98B) on my 2006 FLHTI. Poor performance!!! Especially since my engine is modified to produce a lot more TQ and HP. I have a 95 ci SE Stage II Big Bore Kit (high flow intake/breather); heads are ported, relieved, cc'd, flowed, have bigger valves, and heavier valve springs; the cam is a S&S; 570G (gear drive); a SE Race Tuner Kit (I think I like Power Commander better - time will tell); and (had) the above exhaust system. Without a Dyno tune, it is hard to tell how far off the MAP was. All I know is -- after a lot of research -- I spent a lot of money for a little better than "stock" performance... ARGH!!!

I swapped out the SE mufflers for my SuperTrapp mufflers with 18 discs left and right (left over after I installed a SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2-into-1 system on my 2000 FLHRCI). As you know, it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. After swapping out the mufflers, I was unable to give my bike a "real" test run on dry streets (r-a-i-n). I could tell it was running better (even without a re-map), but I didn't know how much. Well, today was the day for my first "seat of the pants" ride.

Doing a 20 MPH roll @ 2,500 RPM, I gave it (WFO) full throttle as fast as I could. To my surprise, the front end came off the ground and I found myself at red line @ 6,200 RPM (almost instantly!) Rapid shift to second gear -- and the front end came off the ground again, and nearly an instant red-line!!! When I banged third gear (leaning forward this time -- hahaha!!!) I hit another nearly instant red line. I have no clue how fast I was going because I was watching the Tach and traffic (I was on a freeway on-ramp) -- AND -- I was having too much fun to give a hoot! All I know is, my bike is now " rockin!!!

I will never, ever again, run anything on my Harleys but SuperTrapp exhaust systems. As I said before: "Performance beats noise any day!!!" Lon Harrison - 2006 FLHTI

'47 HD Knucklehead Chopper

For an old flat tracker like me there's nothing better than the sound of my Mean Mothers! Bill Newell - '47 HD Knucklehead Chopper


Hello, I had to write and tell you how impressed I am (again) with your product's. I received my Megaphone Series Slip-Ons for my Harley touring bike Saturday. Once again I am impressed with the quality, fit, and finish of your products. (I had your SuperMegs 2:1 previously.) Installed with 12 discs per side I couldn't believe the difference in bottom end with my true-duals. I believe these mufflers are the answer to the "loss of bottom end" issues everyone seems to experience when switching from the OEM touring head pipes to true-duals. Jeff Jensen - FLH


I would like to thank you very much for your participation in the Sabrebike. Here are some photos of the finished project. Thanks, Anthony Radioactive Cycles 2980 Sheridan Drive Tonawanda, NY 14150 716-836-2599 716-836-6467 fax 877-99-CYCLE www.radioactivecycles.com www.radioactivechoppers.com Radioactive Cycles - Custom


THANK YOU, for coming out with the X-pipes. I am 56 tomorrow and was remembering my old CL77 Honda 305 scrambler. $876.00 brand new. The last one I bought restored was $3,500.00 3 years ago. Now, due to parts getting more and more rare and harder to find, the prices are starting to climb. Triumph just came out with their "retro scrambler", but that didn't do it for me! My last 5 bikes have been Harleys, and I've grown to love them. When I saw the XL883R, I knew in an instant what I had to do...build my own retro scrambler. Attached are pictures of the end result. My handlebar cross brace is still on order, as is my custom skid plate, but the pictures tell the story. I've gotten more comments and questions than you can imagine. People LOVE the look. The X-pipes REALLY give it the scrambler look I was looking for. Thanks again!! Rick Leary - XL883R

Dane Tracks

The Buell Stunt Bikes used in the movie (Ghost Rider) we are working on had Supertrapps on them. We were told that they were customizable for sound and that interested us very much since we need to be able to control the sounds we make as much as possible.

Ultimately, the literal sound of this particular character bike needs to integrate with the sounds we will add to it (probably rocket engine, jet turbines, animal roars etc.) for dramatic effect. The Supertrapp's Tunability supports that purpose. We are extremely careful about the microphones we use and how they are positioned as well as the digital audio recorders involved.

Being able to control the timbre of the exhaust system is another tool that helps us make a movie sound as exciting and dramatically effective as possible. We also need to differentiate the sound of the five different Harley motorcycles in Ghost Rider as much as possible and having the Supertrapp on this one worked out great.

We got great material. The Supertrapp made the Harley sound believable (as a stunt machine) but very powerful with a bright vocal edge while blooming the Harley deep roar. The director wants this motorcycle (out of five different Harley type bikes in the movie) to sound like a rocket when it takes off into a jump. You'll be able to hear it in July when Ghost Rider comes out!

Please thank everyone for their help with this. Dane Davis - Dane Tracks

Heritage Softail

Thank you very much for selling me the Internal Disc 2:1 exhaust system for my Heritage Softail. The pipe is exactly what I wanted. It looks and sounds great. It is cleaner looking than the stock dual shorties and it sounds throatier than stock but not really louder. Attached is a photo that shows how the pipe completes the Heritage design and truly captures the look of the '50's Hydra-Glide Dan Rosen - Heritage Softail


I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with your new exhaust. Thanks again for the increased performance your pipe generated. As you know I have tried Harley pipes, drag pipes, Vance & Hines and the Thunderheader exhausts in order to find a good performance enhancing exhaust system. Your new pipe develops more horsepower and torque than any system I have tried. Let me emphasize this point, with no changes to the bike, merely changing the exhaust, your pipe performs the best. Even after tuning the bike to gain the most performance from each individual pipe your system is the best I have tried. This is not just an opinion, it is a fact verified by Dyno testing. Not only does your pipe sound great, it looks great. I would encourage anyone looking for a performance pipe to try your new 2 into 1 system. I am not an expert, just a regular guy who wants his Harley to perform, but it is, in my opinion the best on the market today. Wayne Gibson - FXS


WOW awsome pipe!! Looks great and sounds better!! Improved throttle response with no dead spots through the power ranges. Love it!!!!! Terry Prand - FXD

'93 HD® Sportser 1200 XLH

The combination of SuperTrapp pipes and carb work, really made this Sportster come alive! Steven A. Stewart - '93 HD® Sportser 1200 XLH

'97 H-D® Dyna FXD Super Glide

This '97 FXD Super Glide looks just like stock but sounds and runs much better. Steven A. Stewart - '97 H-D® Dyna FXD Super Glide


I recently did a total rebuild on my Fuel Injected Evo. After installing a performance cam, increasing the compression and adding large valve heads the engine was not producing the low end torque that I wanted and the engine seemed to be straining to push into the upper rpm band. The stock exhaust system had to go. The old stock plumbing with slip-ons was stopping up my engine and couldn't breath. A friend had had great success with his Dyna and the SuperTrapp system and suggested I try the new 2 into 1 pipe that was now being manufactured by SuperTrapp. I followed his advice and can say."I am impressed." The bike now pulls like a freight train in the mountains and the engine seems to just free wheel into the high rpm band with no effort. The quality and fit of your new system made the swap painless. An added benefit that I noticed here in this southern heat is that the bike runs cooler for me. No more heat boiling up from under the seat due to the Harley exhaust plumbing crossover stock system. Here is a pic of my bike. Your exhaust system looks great. David Borden - FLHR


Thanks for a great performing, sounding and looking exhaust system! John A Solheim President & CEO, Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, makers of Ping Golf Clubs John A Solheim - FXDX


Hello SuperTrapp! After trying several different pipes on my bike and not getting the look I wanted. I have found the look I want my bike to have, and your black X Pipes were the perfect match for my bike! Craig Lester - Custom


Thanks for a great exhaust! Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the best exhaust system I've had yet. Steve Bradford - '94 FLSTC


After trying different pipes from screaming eagle, samson and vance & hines i finally found a set that gives me the performance, looks and sound i was looking for. the Mean Mothers are the perfect fit. GC - FLSTF



99 Ultra Groundpounder

I put a set of your Crack Pipes on my Groundpounder. The pipes changed the whole look of my bike and gave it a great custom effect. It also made it sound a lot better. I get many compliments on the new pipes. Bobby P. - ‘99 Ultra Groundpounder Bobby Plogger - 99 Ultra Groundpounder

03 Iron Horse Legend

Great exhaust! Sound, looks, and Power. Put on by my local shop, Performance Cycle, Love it! Kelly - 03 Iron Horse Legend

03 OCC Chopper

Greatest sound and look. Recommended by my local shop, Performance Cycle, so glad they did. John - 03 OCC Chopper

Sportster 1200 / year 1997

SuperTrapp exhaust system - perfect sound and design!!! Look also at my site www.sportster.at Martin Weiss - Sportster 1200 / year 1997

Sporty 1200

Slowly developing from a softy to a "Sportzilla", also in www.charlesb52.tk Dutch Greetings!!! charlesb52 - Sporty 1200

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