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In October 2011, SuperTrapp Industries acquired the assets of JayBrake and relocated the JayBrake facility from Springville, NY to the SuperTrapp Industries facility in Cleveland, OH.

JayBrake is a leader in the manufacturing of performance motorcycle parts and accessories directed towards the American V-Twin market. JayBrake products include forward foot controls, handlebar controls, foot pegs, grips, brake calipers, and other motorcycle accessories to fit Harley-Davidson and American V-Twin motorcycles.

JayBrake has been in business since 1981. Made in the U.S.A.

Why JayBrake?

  • Our design, building, and testing philosophy is simple:
    "If it breathes air and burns fuel, we'll help you squeeze out every bit of performance it's got in it."
  • We pioneered aftermarket performance exhausts systems.
  • SuperTrapp patented tunable disc technology.
  • Racing! JayBrake's proven performance on the track has made it the standard in the racing world for decades.