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Your Performance Edge In Racing - SuperTrapp!

SuperTrapp’s proven performance on the track has made it a standard in the racing world for decades.

• Most of the riders (70 percent) competing in the AMA Progressive Flat Track Series, including Mike Hacker, 2001 National Champion Joe Kopp, 2003 FUSA Champion Bryan Smith, Bryan Bigelow and Willie McCoy use the stock SuperTrapp 750 Megaphone Series. Retired flat trackers Steve Morehead, Jay Springsteen and Scott Parker also used SuperTrapp products during their legendary racing careers.

• SuperTrapp is the official exhaust of the AMA-sanctioned Xtreme International Ice Racing (XiiR) Pro Tour, with every racer using the 4-in. Megaphone External Disc Series to provide the extra burst of low-end horsepower and torque needed for short-track ice racing. Anthony “British Bulldog” Barlow has used SuperTrapp systems to power him toward three World Indoor Ice Speedway Racing Championships.

• SuperTrapp is the main sponsor of Ton Pels, one of the most experienced European Drag Racers, and his Zodiac Drag Race team. Ton’s Top Fuel Harley Davidson is, and has been for many years, the fastest and quickest normally aspirated motorcycle outside the United States.

Kerker power has delivered such champions like Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Pro-Star 600 SuperSport Keith Dennis and has powered such riders like Mike Hale and Tom Kipp. Kerker is also the official slip-on exhaust of the Starboyz sport bike stunt team, which inspired the new Kerker Starboyz series slip-ons for late model sport bikes.

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