Universal Megaphone Series are a 4” disc-based Slip-On that are the perfect addition to your bike. They’re available in Straight Cut Satin or Polished Stainless Steel 19” length cone body (17.5” cone + 1.5” inlet). The classic Megaphone design allows the exhaust gas to expand which increases power. Optional Open End Caps for closed course competition are also available. They utilize our patented Tunable Disc Technology.

Megaphone Series Slip-Ons are a 19” length cone body (17.5” cone + 1.5” inlet). and available in a Satin Finish with a 1.75”(44.5mm) or 2.00”(50.8mm) inlet diameter(ID).

Megaphone Series Slip-Ons with a Quiet Core are a 19” length cone body (17.5” cone + 1.5” inlet).and available in a Brushed Finish with a 2.00”(50.8mm) ID. They’re also available in a Polished Finish with a 1.75”(44.5mm) or 2.00”(50.8mm) ID.

All Universal Megaphone Series Slip-On models include a tri-bracket that you’ll need to have welded onto the body.

Twelve, 4” discs are included with all Universal Megaphone Series Slip-Ons.

Add discs to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow.

Subtract discs to reduce sound and increase low-end torque.


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4'' Meg 1.75'' ID, 12 Discs Polished SS 426-17510 $319.00
4'' Meg 2.0" ID, 12 discs, Polished SS 426-20010 $319.00
4'' Universal 17'', 2.0'' ID,QC Brush SS 475-20170 $339.00
SS MEG:1.75"ID,12 DISC,POLISHED,Q/CORE 476-17510 $369.00
SS MEG:1.75"ID,12 DISC,SATIN 425-17500 $309.00
SS MEG:2.0"ID, 12 DISC,POLISHED,Q/CORE 476-20010 $369.00
SS MEG:2.0"ID, 12 DISC,SATIN 425-20000 $309.00



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